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Movements and Sacred Dances

The essence of Movements practice is the one of giving a direct experience of “presence”.

Our mind is fascinated by concepts, ideas and theories; but often it gets stuck at this level, as the mind alone cannot experience presence.

Presence means being in the moment with the totatility of our being. It is not something that can be understood but something that can be experienced.

There is nothing wrong in learning concepts and ideas; on the contrary at a certain stage it is even essential, but it is only a first step towards the direct experience that Gurdjeff intended to comunicate.

In this sense Movements are a precious gift to have this direct experience of presence.

Whatever can be be said about presence is not presence itself.

We do think to be present to our daily life, to what we are doing or thinking, to our answers and to our behaviours, but it is not so.
Only after directly experiencing presence we become aware that mostly we live our life in a very mechanical way reacting automatically to its input. We realize, that we are like machines reacting, feeling and moving without an “owner”to direct. Becoming aware of not being present to our life is the first step of towards presence.
Movements are an excellent and scientific tool for this recognition and at the same time they are the beginning of the “work” on ourselves towards freedom. In fact how is it possible to free ourselves when we are fully identified with the “machine”? There is nothing wrong into living our time-space reality inside a machine but the problem is that we do believe that we are that “machine”.

The basic question is: who am I? How to breakthrough, to be able to see myself from “above”, from outside? Is there a possibility to see myself, really see myself from an absolute point of view?

Movements give the possibility to open this door. Everything depends on the intention of the person who is practicing because there is no formula. Therefore I can only invite you to come to partecipate with an open mind and heart, available and without prejudice, to see and recognize what has been said with your own authority.

It is not a teaching where you have to learn a new set of concepts and ideas. It is a tool that you will use to see with your own eyes what Gurdjeff has been trying to comunicate for his whole life: there is a possibility to awake consciousness from the state of hypnosis where it is laying. This way is for people longing for freedom, for people who have decided that becoming Free is the priority in their life and want to know through direct experience their own nature beyond what they believe or wish to be. It is a wonderful journey, full of unexpected discoveries, and slowly slowly you will see how beautiful it is to be in this body having the possibility to directly contact your true nature.

The group structure is a support to the search, that makes it deeper and faster, and slowly slowly and in a non progressive way, the understanding starts to integrate with daily life so that not only the Movements classes but life itself with all its manifestations becomes our laboratory.

We understand the meaning of our life: an opportunity to awake coscoiusness.

Movements work as a strategy to lead one to directly experiencing total presence and when this happens, then, in that moment is also understood why the Movements are called Sacred Dance. Sacredness is being here and now.