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I met Gurdjeff Movements, Work and Music in 1991.Since then I studied with teachers from the Gurdjeff/Bennet tradition, as John Wilkinson, Antony Blake, Avrom Altman, Deborah Rose Longo, Josè Reyes, Margit Martinu.

I was part of the Gurdjeff Foundation in New York, where I deepend the study on the Movements.

I’ve been in touch for over ten years with Dushka Howarth, with whom I had the precious chance to verify the precision of the Movements which I was studying.

Great relevance, during this studying phase, has had the meeting with Martha De Gaigneron, with whom I attended a seminar and for her I played piano during Movements classes.

Being a piano player, graduated at the Conservatorio, within these years I could deepen the study of Gurdjeff and De Hartmann music, the one written for Movement classes as well the one to just listen to.

At the moment I'm giving Movements classes to a stable group in Toscany and I organize seminars and retreats in Italy and abroad. In the past I also organized Movement public performances in Costa Rica, at the ecological/spiritual commune of Pacha Mama.